Support My Recovery

I've received generous help and support from friends and strangers. I am very grateful. My recovery is a slow process and the road to normal function is long. As a full-time student, the resources I have are very limited. Everything associated with recovery is astronomically expensive: medical equipment, transportation, therapy, and doctor's visits. 

I've depleted my savings just paying the costs of surgery and hospitalization. I have big goals for my therapy. Your kind donation will help me access treatment so I can walk, run, and explore again.

Goal 1: Rehab at Neuroworx

I want to travel to Neuroworx in Salt Lake City, Utah for an intense, week-long program in their ambulation center. Neuroworx is a non-profit started by a doctor who realized spinal cord injury patients are under-served. They have a therapy pool with an underwater treadmill and a host of other specialized equipment that I cannot access anywhere else.

Goal 2: Absolute Center

The Absolute Center uses a pilates-based approach to train functional movement and proper alignment after SCI injury. To continue physical therapy at the Absolute Center, I am paying $213/week. Working one-on-one with a trainer, I am gaining stability and strength for walking.     

Goal 3: Independence Driving

I currently rely on my friends and colleagues for transportation to therapy and to work. In order for me to be independent with driving, I need to purchase a car that can fit my wheelchair and get it modified with hand controls.